Jeff Eager 2070 Album Cover (3000x3000px)

Coming July 10th

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"We may be halfway done. Here's where we get to run. It's all downhill from here"

Versatility is the defining trait of Jeff Eager’s talent. The character and range of his voice, the pocket of his guitar playing, and his approach to song-writing and arranging seem to move effortlessly through genres. Soul, rock, funk, pop, R&B: Eager knows and combines all these styles with authenticity. Add to this a commanding stage presence radiating experience and charm; it’s clear why Jeff Eager has secured a reputation as one of Canada’s most dynamic musicians.

In summer 2023, Eager is set to release his second full-length studio album. Chasing no trends and leaning strongly into the timeless artists that influenced him, this album is a wealth of classic song-writing: strong melodies over moving progressions, rich instrumentation and arrangements, plus plenty of hooks. Jeff is leaving a contribution today to the golden age of analog music.



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